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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Name: Chisaki Takahashi
Nick name: チサキ、ちぃちゃん、ちさっきー、泡ちさき
Date of Birth 26 June 1986
Current Age 24
Flag of Japan Chiba, Japan Hometown
Hobbies: Shopping, calligraphy
Special skill: Dance
Character is a type O positive thinking.
Blood type O
topqueen_jp_gv02 _Chisaki-Takahashi topqueen_jp_gv03 _Chisaki-Takahashi topqueen_jp_gv04 _Chisaki-Takahashi
Nominal size (as of 2008)
Height 165 cm
Weight kg
Measurements 83 - 57 - 84 cm
Shoe size 24.0 cm
Occupation: Female models.
topqueen_jp_gv05 _Chisaki-Takahashi topqueen_jp_gv06 _Chisaki-Takahashi topqueen_jp_gv09 _Chisaki-Takahashi
topqueen_jp_gv10 _Chisaki-Takahashi topqueen_jp_gv11 _Chisaki-Takahashi topqueen_jp_gv12 _Chisaki-Takahashi
topqueen_jp_gv13 _Chisaki-Takahashi topqueen_jp_gv15 _Chisaki-Takahashi topqueen_jp_gv16 _Chisaki-Takahashi
topqueen_jp_gv17 _Chisaki-Takahashi topqueen_jp_gv18 _Chisaki-Takahashi topqueen_jp_gv19 _Chisaki-Takahashi
topqueen_jp_gv21 _Chisaki-Takahashi topqueen_jp_gv22 _Chisaki-Takahashi topqueen_jp_gv25 _Chisaki-Takahashi
topqueen_jp_gv26 _Chisaki-Takahashi topqueen_jp_gv27 _Chisaki-Takahashi topqueen_jp_gv31 _Chisaki-Takahashi
topqueen_jp_gv32 _Chisaki-Takahashi

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