What are Forex Currency Prices?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Currency is the basic unit used mainly for the exchange of goods and services. There are several different currencies used all around the world. All the countries in the world have their own currencies. There are currencies as strong as US dollar and as weak as Zimbabwean dollar. The value of a currency is necessary for forex trading.
Change in World Economy
Balancing Money and the Earth

Previously the currencies of the world were valued on the basis of their comparison to the price of gold. The price of gold in the international market was a determinant factor in deciding the price of the currency. To maintain the price of their currency states were bound to keep reserves in the form of gold. To make it simple we can say that in the past the more gold reserves a state had the higher the price of its currency would gain.
What Laid the Foundations of Forex

With the passage of time world economy has witnessed many changes. The end of Barton Wood system changed world’s reserve system. The growth of economy required the change in world’s reserve system.

The reserved system which lied previously on gold was replaced with US dollar. Some countries are using Euro as their reserves. However most of the states have a dollar based reserve system.
The Currency Prices

The prices of foreign currencies are referred to as forex or FX in international market. The currency exchange is also known as foreign exchange. These currencies are compared mainly in pairs. The aim is to determine which currency has more value as compare to the other currency. The major pairs are US dollar against the Japanese yen, and/or the British pound against the European euro. US, Britain, Japan, Europe and some other states fall into the category of great economic zones. The currencies of great economic zones are needed worldwide for trade. The Australian dollar, Swiss franc, and Canadian dollar also fall in the category currencies of great economic zones. Hence, the forex currencies of these states are traded in the international banks.
Why Forex is Necessary

What are Forex Currency Prices

The forex is vital for many reasons. The forex currencies are necessary for international trade and commerce. Several banks and other financial institutions trade these currencies for their own benefits.

Not all the currency pairs are as strong as the pair of US dollar and Japanese yen. There weak currency pairs also exist. The pairs of US dollar and Polish zloty and Japanese yen and Thai baht are examples of weak pairs.
Currency Pairs

There is another category of currency pair, which is not used in forex as much as the strong pairs or to some extant the weak pairs. These currency pairs are known as exotic pairs. The currency pairs discussed so far are traded widely. The currencies of rest of the countries are traded for some specific purpose.

Tourists or businessmen, who need these currencies, either get them in exchange of their own currencies or trade them vis-à-vis dollar. In this method of exchange a currency is valued in dollar, and the buyer gets the currency of his need according to its value in dollar.



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